Today, I’d like to share some Android applications that make my device much better 😉
These apps enable handy features and discover the power of Android platform.

  • WidgetLocker
    Replaces default lock screen with a customizable one.

  • QuickOffice
    A pocket office suite that supports all common M$ Office formats.
  • VuDroid
    Simple djvu and pdf reader.
  • Gentle Alarm
    This one will make your waking much more pleasant 😉
  • Youlu
    A good replacement for default Contacts/Dialer/Messanger.
  • App Protector
    It will help you to password-protect access to some apps/services.
  • Screen Filter
    Screen dimmer for night, when even lowest screen brightness is too bright.
  • Root Explorer
    Root Explorer allows to view/modify all system files (for rooted devices only)
  • OSMonitor
    Displays lots of info about your system.
  • Volume Locker
    This will lock the volume levels so that you can’t change them accidentally
  • ConnectBot
    Allows using local and remote consoles of different types (ssh, telnet)
  • ASTRO File Manager
    Just a handy file manager.

  • Market Access
    Emulates another network provider id, so apps (including Market) thinkthey are used in another environment. This helps accessing blocked apps from

  • Shazam
    Shazam recognizes music – its displays artist and song info after listening to it for a while! 🙂
  • SetCPU
    Controls CPU, enabling performance profiles and better battery life.

  •  Skype
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  •  Oxford Dictionary (English)
    A good English dictionary.